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The societal impact of AI

In "Merging with the machine," I highlighted how the exponential acceleration of technology, combined with a focus on augmenting humanity with technology is driving a future where we begin to merge with the machine. In fact, as I pointed out, we are already augmented, by the...

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The ethical challenges of AI

Machine learning algorithms are everywhere.  It is not just Facebook and Google.  Companies are using them to provide personalized education services and advanced business intelligence services, to fight cancer and to detect counterfeit goods. From farming to pharmaceuticals.  From AI-controlled autonomous vehicles to clinical decision...

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Blockchain needs innovators and risk managers working together

When it comes to blockchain, companies still have a lot to figure out. Many CIOs and technologists I speak with admit they’re still on the hunt for the right use case. Is there a killer application for blockchain beyond cryptocurrency? Analysts sure think so: Gartner...

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