Why robots should inspire hope, not fear

The future of work looks full of promise. Combining human brainpower with artificial intelligence, virtual reality and automatization will revolutionise how we work. Already, robotic enhancement is helping humans exceed their natural capabilities; AI is opening the door to real-time, personalized intelligent services cutting waste…

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This is when robots will start beating humans at every task

Don’t expect to see a human behind the wheel of an 18-wheeler by 2027. Or a set of human hands performing a delicate surgery by 2053. According to a new study from Oxford and Yale University researchers, those are the years artificial intelligence is slated…

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Hungry for innovation? Launch your own incubator

The digital imperative is driving companies to seek new sources of value for their customers, but this mission is difficult within the often cloistered confines and bureaucracy of their headquarters. Seeking to foster a culture that is more akin to startups than the corporate motherships,…

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